Caulk-n-Glide tips create a PERFECT bead without using your finger

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Caulk-n-Glide tips create a PERFECT bead without using your finger
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The Fat Finger Story

We come from hardy stock here at Fat Finger Enterprises. Farmers and laborers from Denmark, ranchers and carpenters in America, as well as welders and builders of wood and brick. In this family and in this family’s ancestry we learn to work and work hard. Using our hands is always part of the process whether it be shovels and picks or saws and lathes, we have always jumped in to get it done. We carry forward this legacy of our forefathers and use our hands and fingers to not only work hard but to make our tools better so that we may accomplish more in that labor. And so we invent and create and make the tools of our trade better. The outcome of these pursuits make the end product of better quality and because of these innovations we create efficiency and easier work. When we think of the men who made and used their own tools among our fathers and grandfathers we are honored to carry on their traditions in our efforts. In our mind’s eyes we can see those big hands and those fat fingers, the result of such labors, and we are humbled and grateful for that trait in ourselves.  My dad, Jim Jensen, always noticed this trait stand out in his father and in his grandfathers and I see it in him. Hard work and a little inventiveness have taken him a long way as a result of his tough labor and his active creativity. He has been working on a caulking applicator for many years. I remember him toying around with this when I was still a teenager. Thirty some years later and now with the education and the advances in technology available to even the common man, he has been able to really modify this new device and even perfect it in many ways. We call it the Caulk n Glide. In a growing industry where not just caulking is in greater need but where entire buildings are now being created using sealants and glues without even a single nail, this will be a tool in demand and we will continue to improve it and innovate to meet the need.